Saturday 11 May 2013

Hiatus from Quilting

Yesterday, Aaron (my niece's husband) and I brought our trailers home. We had them stored in a the yard of a local trucking company that he used to work for, and we had to get them when the gate to the yard was not locked. Ah, it feels good to have my trailer home again. Now, I can get back to working on the interior. 

It's a 1985 trailer and the window treatments were kind of gross: rust-coloured velvet valances, and these two strips of the same fabric on the front window, above the bed, pretending to be drapes. And mini-blinds, dirty, yukky mini-blinds. And some ugly beige curtains to separate the bedroom area from the rest of the trailer. 

I like to sleep with it as dark as possible, and mini-blinds and those ugly beige curtains didn't block much light, so that was my first project. I sewed new dividing curtains in a white fabric with a purple pattern (butterflies), lined with black-out fabric. I replaced the mini-blinds in the bedroom area with sage green room-darkening roller shades on both sides of the trailer. At the front of the trailer, I would have had to special order a roller shade for that window, so I just went with room-darkening fabric, in a darker sage green, that can be tied up with ribbons when I want to open it. Now I want to put some sheer white curtains on those three windows, plus valances in a purple patterned poly-cotton fabric. There was not quite enough of the fabric I used for the dividing curtains to make pillow shams for the bed, so I will do the borders of the shams in the same fabric that I am doing the valances in. I already have a purple comforter on the bed. 
In the kitchen area, I still have the mini-blinds up and I expect they will stay up for now. They are fine for privacy when I want it and I don't need the room darkening qualities that I require in the sleeping area. I have some orange poly-cotton fabric and some orange lace fabric, so I will probably do the valances and curtains in the kitchen area in orange. It's not a loud, bilious orange, more of a softer, medium colour. I'll have to post pictures when I get it done. 
So, I think I will be taking a hiatus from my quilting and crocheting projects in order to get my trailer in shape. All of these pictures were taken before I made any changes. Don't get me wrong - I love my trailer. I just wanted to fix up the decor a bit. The upholstery on the benches could really use some help as well, but I don't think I'm ready for reupholstering yet. I think the covers zip off, but I might just leave them on and maybe make some slip covers to go over them. Haven't figured out how I can change the wallpaper. That might be too much work. This year I think I'll stick with the window coverings and pillow shams. If I just get the windows in the "bedroom" done, I'll be happy.
I've already made some changes in the bathroom, though more of a functional nature, rather than decor. First I trimmed this shower curtain as it was too long for the short space in a trailer shower and too much of it was laying on the bottom of the tub, trapping water and grunge. I hung a towel bar at the end of the tub and another towel ring or two on another wall. I believe there was only one towel ring when I "moved in," which was fine for a hand towel, but where do I hang my bath towel? I also installed a hook for a shower caddy on the wall above the tub. That way I have a convenient place for soap, shampoo, etc. Of course, I've added bath mat, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, etc.
I was really hoping to take my trailer to a seasonal site this year. I'm not really fond of towing it, so if I just had to do it at the beginning and end of the season, I'd be much happier (except I'd still need it for campmeeting). That way, I could take off every weekend if I wanted to, without having to worry about hooking, towing and unhooking my trailer. Plus backing it into my driveway. So far I have always gotten Aaron to do that. He's a truck driver and does it like the pro he is. Me, on the other hand - I don't much like backing up at the best of times. Doing it with a trailer and not knocking my garage down is a challenge I'm not quite prepared for. But Aaron's not always available and I'm not supposed to leave the trailer in the street, so it would be much easier if it could just stay on a site for the season. However, that's not in my budget for this year. 
Meanwhile I need it in my laneway so that I can work on the curtains. And last year, I wanted to make a list of staples I need to stock in the trailer, plus a cookbook of "easy to manage in a trailer" recipes, but I never got a chance to do this. Hopefully I will this year before I take it out. It's hard to get everything done, but I'll have fun trying. 

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