Monday 6 May 2013

Disappointment... Resolved!

I could have been grumpy today. I just got an email saying that my order for the Quilter's Design Mirrors has been cancelled because the items I purchased were out of stock. Hmm, that's funny, because when I placed the order it said that there was one left. Where did that one go to? Seriously, I didn't mind paying $25 for the set, but I don't intend to pay $50, the next lowest price, and definitely not over $100 for a used set, as advertised on eBay... Will think twice before I order from that particular vendor again (and no, it's not Amazon. It's a vendor from the Amazon Marketplace).
So, I've been googling and found this vendor site: Stitch in the Ditch. Yippee, it's even Canadian. And the Quilter's Design Mirrors are only $18.99, plus shipping and GST of course. And I can pay using PayPal, which I like. So, I placed an order and included a Lazy Angle Ruler. Here's a video on this ruler: 
I love the Fanfare Log Cabin quilt made with this ruler. Very pretty:
I'm looking forward to trying it out, but I'm beginning to wonder when I'm supposed to have time for all of this. It's too bad I have to work for a living... LOL. I only work to pay for my quilting supplies. ;-)
BTW, I really love her lime green rotary cutter. I wonder where she got it.


  1. Hi Laura, those green rotary cutters are made by Clover. Amazon carries them. I haven't used them but assume they are similar to the straight Olfa style. I too love that Fanfare Log Cabin quilt. That's a log cabin I wouldn't mind doing!

    1. Thanks Elita. Not that I need another rotary cutter. :-)