Wednesday 1 May 2013

Cake Decorating

I was just doing some exploring in a scrapbook I started. The title of this scrapbook is "Creative Expressions" and it was meant to showcase my creative side. I have never been "artistic" in the traditional sense - i.e. oil painting, drawing or sculpture. That kind of art is too much like work for me, but I have manifested my artistic bent in other ways. 
In the late 80s/early 90s (don't really remember when), I took a Wilton cake decorating course, by correspondence, which seems like a rather weird way to take cake decorating. I don't think I ever finished the course either, probably something to do with having a brand new baby in the house... But I still had a lot of fun with it and accumulated quite a supply of cake decorating paraphernalia. I quit mainly because all of that sugar and trans fats in icing really isn't good for you. However, I did find it a great creative outlet, and looking back at some of the pictures, I relived how much fun I had. Here are some samples (sorry about the quality of the pictures - they were not taken with a digital camera and I had to scan them in, which made them kind of hazy):
This was made for a baby shower for my brother-in-law's first child.
 I was really quite pleased with this one, for another baby shower, this time for a friend of my youngest sister.
 I wanted to try a wedding cake, even though I wasn't doing it for a wedding. I actually did this for a bridal shower for my sister-in-law.
The man I was married to really loved pie, so I made his birthday cake to look like a piece of pie on a plate. Amazing what you can do with icing, eh?
 This is another cake I made for the man I was married to, along with his brother-in-law. Both worked in construction and both their birthdays are in June.
 This was my first cake for the Wilton course. I made it for a young man that attended our church. 
I really had a lot of fun with this, and kind of miss it. But it could be really messy and too much of the icing ended up in my mouth. If I could figure out a way to make icing really healthy, I might consider doing it again. Meanwhile, I have many other creative outlets, so I'm not lacking for ways to express myself. 

Now, this is just an aside: you'll notice I refer to my ex-husband as "the man I was married to." I still haven't figured out what terms to use when speaking of him in our past relationship. I don't want to call him my husband, because he's not that any more. Calling him my ex is not really correct either, because he wasn't my ex at the time I was decorating these cakes. That's why I opted for "the man I was married to," as it seems the most correct way of expressing it. There have been times in the past when I just referred to him as my daughter's father, but that might imply we were never married, and we were. If you come up with any brilliant suggestions, let me know. :-)

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