Sunday 5 May 2013

George Strait - She Let Herself Go

And this is Divorce Anthem #1.
One day I was in the local dollar store and this song came on the overhead radio. I believe I was still married at the time, but the relationship had become toxic and the marriage was dying. When the song started, my thought was, "Oh brother, some dumb guy singing about a woman who fell apart when he left her." But I listened to the whole song and found out that instead, "she let herself go" and do all the things she wanted to do, but she couldn't while she was with him. She let herself go and enjoy life. And I decided that I really liked that song.
My motto is, "The best revenge is to thrive, not just survive."
Yes, "I've got better things to do," and I'm just going to "let myself go" and do them.
Yes, there is life after divorce, and that life is good.

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