Sunday 26 May 2013

45-Degree Triangles: Strippy Spools

I am now up to date with both the 2012 Block of the Month and the 2013 Block of the Month. This month's block for the 2013 BOM is a variation of the Spinning Spools block, and we were to make a total of 8 blocks, though only 7 will be used in the quilt. The finished size will be 7 inches. I will have a hard time deciding which one to leave out. Here they are:
 These are done by cutting  2-1/2" strips across the width of the fabric. Then two strips are sewn together and this double strip is then cut into 45 degree triangles. I happen to have a 45 degree triangle ruler, so was mostly using that. However there are 45 degree markings on the standard 6.5x24" quilting ruler, so I thought I'd give that a try. The problem is the ruler also has 60 degree markings and I ended up with one triangle with a 45 degree angle on one side and a 60 degree angle on the other side: a scalene triangle instead of an isosceles triangle. So I had to cut an extra one and ended up cutting that one from the wrong direction, so that the fabric at the point of the triangle was reversed with what should have been at the base of the triangle. So I had to try once more and finally got it right, but I stuck with my 45 degree triangle ruler after that. Then my sewing machine started acting up and I figured it was high time I cleaned some lint out of it. However, I couldn't find my instruction book to figure out how to remove the bobbin shuttle. I had to google that and now have a copy saved on my computer. And I did get the bobbin shuttle out, cleaned out a pile of lint and now the machine is working fine. 
Each one of this month's blocks is made up of four 45 degree triangles, two of one kind and two of another. And they're made to look sort of like spools of thread - hence the name. 
Here's the colouring sheet again, with my latest blocks added in:
I just plopped the blocks in at random in the colouring sheet. I will probably rearrange them when I actually make up the quilt. I also found out that the colouring sheet is a little off scale, as the spools came out slightly rectangular when in actuality they are square.
Next month is the LeMoyne Star, using Y-seam construction. That's the large block on the upper right. I'm looking forward to it. That one should be pretty! The tumbling blocks block on the upper left comes in July, while the appliqued basket and flowers on the lower right takes two months, August and September.
Now that I'm finally up to date, maybe I can get to work on my trailer curtains.


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