Wednesday 8 May 2013

A Pleasant Surprise

At work this afternoon, I received a phone call and was quite surprised to find that it was the Amazon marketplace vendor of the Quilters Design Mirrors that had cancelled my order. (He had my work number because he ships by courier, so I gave my work address and number for the parcel to be shipped to). He asked if I still wanted the mirrors and explained that someone had walked  into their shop and bought the last set the same day that I placed the order. He had not had the opportunity to update the inventory before I made my online purchase. Apparently this company is the Canadian distributor for the company that makes those mirrors. Seemed like a very nice person and I told him I was glad he called me because I now felt better about him. He said that he's been at the same quilt shows as our local quilt shop and that he will be at the one in Edmonton next month. I told him I will make a point of coming to his display to introduce myself. 
I believe that was great customer service and his company deserves a link posted on my blog. It's actually a bookstore, which, interestingly enough, sells nursing books as well as quilting books, and lots of other books as well. Here they are: Copperfields Bookstore.
And if you're interested in the quilt show in Edmonton, here's the link: Edmonton Festival of Quilts.

Some of us get most of our exercise jumping to conclusions. I have to make a concerted effort to get my exercise in healthier forms. :-)

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