Sunday 6 November 2016

Folding a Quillow

When I first "met" a quillow (a quilt that folds into a pillow), I discovered that it was easy enough to get the quilt out, but folding it back up and nesting it inside it's pillow pocket was another matter. Then, when I gifted a quillow, I found the recipient had the same issue.
So here, for present and future recipients are the directions, with pictures, on how to fold up a quillow.
1. Start by laying the quilt face up on the floor or other flat surface of sufficient size, with the pillow pocket face down on the end farthest from you.
2. Fold in each side of the quilt so that the fold lines up with the edge of the pillow pocket.
First one side...

and then the other.
3. Next, start a rolling fold from the end closest to you.
You want the first fold to be slightly smaller than the pillow pocket, as it will increase in bulk with each fold.
It may take 3 or 4 folds depending on the size of the pillow pocket, and the size of the quilt. The second last fold needs to line up with the bottom of the pillow pocket. 
The final fold should land the folded quilt directly on top of the pillow pocket. This can be a little tricky and you may find that you will have to refold to get this to happen. 
4. Reach inside of the pillow pocket and use whatever contortionist tricks you have to, to get the pillow pocket inverted over the quilt. Be cautious with this maneuver as the pillow pocket is only hand stitched on, and too much pressure can cause stitches to break. 
5. And there you go, you now have your quilt folded inside of the pillow. 

The big one is the quillow. The smaller one is just a decorative pillow made from a left over block. 
I originally found the directions on Craftsy from Patz in Suffolk. She also gives some tips on making a quillow. Here's the link:

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