Wednesday 1 October 2014

Who Was Here?: Children's Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a free electronic preview edition of this book from Net Galley. I have not received any compensation for reviewing this book.
I love nature and animals and want to share that love with my grandson. While as a toddler, he's still too young for this book, it will eventually contribute to sharing that love. Who Was Here? is an introduction to animal tracks for children. The book starts by showing an animal's prints and gives a little detail to aid in detecting what the animal is, then it asks "Who was Here?" Turning the page produces the answer and gives a brief sketch of the animal. The artwork, done in watercolours, gives a much more accurate presentation than most comic/cartoon-based children's books. That's something that I really appreciate. The text is written in rhyming verse, which is usually attractive to young children. The book finishes with some guidelines for determining what animal left what tracks and some links to resources, both electronic and print, for further discovery. While I felt that the author should have mentioned the bactrian as well as the dromedary in her treatment of the camel, all in all, I consider this an excellent children's book and will gladly add it to my grandson's library.

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