Saturday 4 October 2014

Third Acrylic Painting Class - 30/09/14

This class's masterpiece: 
Actually, this came at the end of the class and I had to add the coloured spots ("flowers") after class. Our class started with this:
The instructor calls it gesturals. Gesturals? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the term, but fruit and vegetables can't gesture. I call them charcoal sketches. She actually had the nerve to take my charcoal and add lines to my apple on the right. Grrr!. I don't think that's very good art instructor technique. Tell me how to do it, or demonstrate on your own paper how to do it, but don't touch my drawing. Anyway, I still think I'm better at sketching than I am at painting. And  maybe I will take a drawing class, but not from her. 
Next, we folded our "gesturals" in half (hence the smudges you can see in my picture) and did this on the other side:
My purple looks more purple in real life than it does in this picture. She called this a colour wheel. How it qualifies as a wheel when it's a rectangle is anyone's guess. And didn't we cover mixing colours in the first class (as well as in kindergarten)? Why am I doing this anyway?
Next we did this:
Ah, now this makes sense. It actually is an art lesson. Except that, as usual, she didn't go into detail on exactly how we should blend our colours to make them gradually fade from light to dark. And you should have seen how she was trying to teach us to draw a cube. She started going on about vanishing points and drawing in different vanishing points - I think there were three of them. I was just watching in mostly stunned silence and then picked up my brush and made my own cube, while everyone else in the class was trying to follow the instructor and they ended up with what looked more like envelopes. Or something that didn't at all resemble a cube. Then she had to go around the class and take each person's brush (except mine) and draw a cube on their papers for them since she had helped them all mess it up so badly. Her remark to me: "Oh, you drew one freehand?" Amazing concept that I could actually draw one freehand!
And then, with 15 minutes left in the class, we began the painting that's at the top of this post. She said she would teach us how to do a quick flower painting. This is certainly not what I expected when she said that. Oh and she took my brush and was marking lines on my painting for me to show me where each different shade in the foreground should begin and end. I had to grit my teeth as she got muddy coloured paint in my purple strokes. Well, it took longer than 15 minutes and I wasn't having so much fun that I wanted to stay that late. That's why I added my coloured blobs afterwards. And I really don't think they look great. And here's my facebook post from after class:
Leaving my third acrylic painting class tonight, I was carrying two large pieces of art paper that I had painted on plus a small canvas board painting, in addition to my box of art supplies, as well as a bag for the supplies that didn't fit in the box. And my purse. None of the paintings were completely dry. As a result, they shared the paint among themselves and generously bestowed some on my purse as well.
The next morning when I went to get into my truck, I discovered that I had also gotten paint on the side of the seat. So not impressed. I haven't had a chance to try to clean it off yet, but I did manage to clean my purse. You can also see some of the resulting mess on my paintings. I did manage to keep the front of the canvas board clean, however, not that this picture is anything I intend to hang anywhere. Maybe if I had an outhouse... 

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