Saturday 4 October 2014

First Machine Quilting Class - 25/09/14

As life has been incredibly busy with working full-time and taking two night classes a week, I haven't gotten a chance to post this in a timely manner. And it will be a shorter post, comparatively speaking.
Our first machine quilting class was relatively easy for me as it was on using the walking foot and I have done quilts using mine before. Here's my practice project:
Yes, I admit it. I didn't get the whole project done in class. And while I had good intentions of finishing it at home (not sure when I expected to get the time), when I emptied my bag, I could not find my class handout that had all of the designs to practice... <sigh> Hopefully, someone in class picked it up for me and I'll be able to retrieve it at the next class. It had all of the basic information on needles, threads, tension, etc, that I don't want to be without. 
Amazingly enough, when we were discussing long arm quilting, our class instructor said that she has a long arm, but doesn't use it much. Seriously??? Why would you take days (weeks) to do your quilting when you can do it in a few hours on a long arm?
This class is much more fun and much less messy than acrylic painting. 

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