Saturday 4 October 2014

Second Machine Quilting Class - 02/10/14

I'm so thankful I'm taking this class. Not only am I learning things, but it helps to counter the not-so-enjoyable acrylic painting class I'm taking. I only wish it was here in town instead of over an hour's drive away in Edmonton. And, with the class starting at 6:00, I have to leave direct from work and contend with Edmonton's rush hour traffic. However, it's only 4 sessions, so I'm halfway through. Tonight we experimented with some free motion, using different threads and needles to see what works best. I had an open-toe darning foot on hold for me, which I purchased before the class. My machine came with an embroidery foot, but it has a closed toe, which is a little frustrating to use for quilting. I like the open toe much better. I started with a topstitch needle and some 40-weight cotton.
My bobbin does not like 40-weight and I had some "eyelash" problems on the back (not shown), but mostly was relatively successful with this. Yes, I will still need LOTS of practice for it it actually look good, but it was fun and I actually felt like I was catching on to the idea.
Next, I switched it up and started playing with some fun threads.
I've got rayon, viscose, polyester, metallic and 28-weight cotton. Gutterman, Mettler, Superior, Aurifil. I was really "playing the field" with threads. For the lighter weight threads I used a 60-weight polyester in the bobbin, and a 50-weight poly for the heavier threads. I didn't have any eyelash problems with these weights in the bobbin. The instructor said to use the same weight in both top and bobbin, and I have heard that before. But I have to use what makes my sewing machine happy. And I am NOT changing my bobbin tension. 
Next class, we'll be using stencils and tracing paper. 

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