Sunday 9 February 2014

Work in Progress: The Bluenose II Pixel Quilt - Part 3

I didn't get as much accomplished with the pixel quilt today as I would have liked. I only got 2 blocks done and I actually worked them together as one since there was such a large area of the same colour. That at least makes it easier to throw the blocks together.
These are the first two blocks of the second row (you can see the top row in the top of the picture).
I didn't get much quilting done today because Sophia, Damian and I went to a 60th birthday party in a small hamlet about 15 minutes drive from our town. My ex-husband lives there and he was at the party as well. I think I must major in weird relationships. People really puzzle over my relationship with my ex. The pastor of the local Adventist church actually asked me if the ex and I were living together. He saw us come in the door at the same time and didn't see the ex arrive in a vehicle. No, I explained to the pastor, my ex lives here and he walked over. We do maintain an amicable relationship. Actually I choose to maintain an amicable relationship. Because we share a daughter and now a grandson, we are going to be in each others' lives for the remainder of our lives. So, why be enemies? If not for our daughter and grandson, I probably would have nothing more to do with him, not out of hatred, but just because there wouldn't be any reason to associate any more. But there's no harm in being friendly. I have no desire to ever be with him again as his partner, but being enemies is not in Sophia's and Damian's best interests. So, yes, occasionally we go out for supper together. We bought the birthday gift for today's party together. Yes, definitely weird, I know, but hey, it works for us.
But back to the birthday party, I was the MC for the party. I had to tease the "birthday girl" about us having a turtle race to see who was the slowest in producing each other's birthday gifts. I've been working on an afghan for her for about a year, while she's been working on a cross-stitch picture for me for a year and a half. This year, however, we got her e-gift cards from Herrschners, since they sell lots of cross-stitch supplies. We had fun. It was the first time pretty well everyone, except one friend, got to meet Damian. And they were suitably impressed, of course.
So now it's your turn to share what you've been working on.
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6. Have fun. This is a party after all.

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