Thursday 6 February 2014

Work in Progress: The Bluenose II Pixel Quilt, Part 2

I've finished the first row of this quilt. I really didn't think it looked like much yet until I saw it through the viewing screen on my camera. Then WOW, I could recognize the skyline and the top of the sails.
It's the distance that makes the difference. Up close, it just looks like a bunch of random different coloured squares. The smaller it is, the more defined the picture becomes:
As evidenced by this smaller picture, you can really begin to see what it's going to be. I was quite happy to see this through the camera's eye.
I'm finding this not only a time-consuming process, but it can be rather tedious. I have to be very alert and focused to get all the right squares in the right places. Cutting and sewing 1 inch squares - well, I must admit there's not a whole lot of joy in that. I can't say I will ever do another pixel quilt, but, like most techniques I've experimented with, I like to be able to say I've at least given it a try. Call it a quilter's "Bucket List." When I'm done this, I will be able to check off "Made a pixel quilt." <smile>
This row is 6 feet long, by the way. If I'd done it all in one inch squares, that would have been 936 squares, but, of course, I did as much as I could of the solid sections in larger pieces. Five more rows to go, but the remaining rows will only be 10 inches wide. This one is 13 because the pixel part of this quilt will be 63 inches wide, so the extra three inches were included in the top row. If I were to do the whole thing in 1 inch squares, that would be 4,536 squares. It's more than enough work the way I'm doing it. 
March 23 is my sister's birthday, so what are the chances that I will be able to have it done by then? 

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