Saturday 1 February 2014

The Agony of Separation

This is a horrible, painful weekend. For the first time since my daughter and grandson came to live with me, my grandson is spending the weekend with his father. The apple of my eye, the joy and delight of my heart is spending the whole weekend in an environment that is not the best nor the safest for a child, based on what my daughter has told me. I tried to convince her that she didn't have to allow this to happen. But she didn't want to deprive her son of seeing his father or vice versa, especially since it was his father's birthday. I believe my grandson's father frightened her into it, saying, "I don't want to have to go to court and see you lose custody." Not that that's ever going to happen. But she's afraid the courts will look unfavourably on her because she doesn't currently have a job. And nothing I can say can convince her otherwise. <sigh> So we are left to endure the agony of being separated from her son, not knowing how well he's being taken care of or if he's being treated well, what's going to happen to him if he's fussy or cries during the night. I hardly slept last night. This is so incredibly painful. I'm just surviving until Sunday night when we get him back. But will the father willingly part with him? I am only enduring by surrendering my grandson into the hands of the Lord, claiming my Heavenly Father's protection for my precious little man. 
In my distress, it has occurred to me that God endured the same thing in sending His Son to die for me. As omniscient, He knew in advance the abuse that would be heaped upon His Son, the horrible death He would die. And witness the agony of His Son in the Garden of Gethsemane, the agony of separation from His Father, when He cried out, "Father, if it is possible, take this cup away from Me." (see Matthew 26:36-45).
If there was anything, short of committing a crime, I could have reasonably done to prevent my grandson's separation from us yesterday, I would have. In all likelihood, he will be returned to us safe and sound on Sunday evening, hopefully none the worse for wear. Even so, if I could, I would never allow it to happen again. I am not willing to surrender my grandson to the dangers of being in that environment.
But God chose to send Jesus, knowing that abuse and death would be the outcome. Jesus did return to His Father, but both He and His Father had to endure unimaginable agony during Jesus' sojourn here. Yet God (Father, Son & Spirit) willingly endured it out of love for me. And you. Isaiah 53:11 says "He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied." And that is unfathomable love!


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