Sunday 16 February 2014

Work in Progress: The Bluenose II Pixel Quilt - Part 4

Hurray! I've got the second row done!
Here it is in a smaller picture so that you can see the detail coming out.
I really love looking at it through the camera's lens so I can see the picture taking shape. I must confess that it can take me several hours to do a more complicated block like this one:
This is block 5 of row two. It's really challenging making sure I get the right colours in the right places. And some of the colours are so similar that it can be very difficult keeping track of them. I've started sewing in smaller bits so that I can keep them in order, especially if they fall off the design wall. I've discovered that having a sheet covering the closet opening does not work very well. Every time I need something from the closet, I knock fabric off the sheet. This might not be so bad if the blocks are already sewn together, but if they're just bits and pieces of fabric, it can mean chaos. So I put another design wall above my sewing machine. That's where I'm keeping the pieces of the block I'm currently working on. 
We have this metal rack at work that we keep our various paper forms on. I think that would be a great idea for keeping the fabric organized while I'm working on this quilt. That way I wouldn't have to keep rummaging through the stack of fabric. Sixty-six different fabrics! I wonder if they'd miss it if I snuck it out of the office. LOL!
So, more than 1/3 of the pixel top is done. I say "more than" because, while it is 2 rows out of 6, the top row is 13 inches deep, so if I calculate by inches, it's 23 inches out of 63 or 0.365. :-) It's a good feeling to have this much done, but it's taking me around 2 weeks to get a row done. And I'm almost dreading the last two rows, which are the water. There aren't really any large sections that are the same fabric, so these rows will be very labour-intensive. <sigh> I'll be definitely glad to see this pixel top done. 
Today Sophia moved Damian's playpen into the basement so he can be with Grandma while I sew. It didn't work out very well. Playpens are boring. Being in Grandma's arms is not. 
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