Sunday 2 February 2014

She Shoots, She Scores

The Bearly Hockey quilt is finished.
I bought this as a kit at Len's Mill Store when I was in London, Ontario last October. All I needed to add was the backing and batting. Here's the back:
(Those are my daughter's feet at the bottom of the quilt :-)). 
And here's a close up of the quilting and fabric:
Sorry, but the camera flash sort of whites out some of the detail of the bears. The quilting pattern is called Bumpity. It was the pantograph I learned on because it's quick and relatively easy. It was getting late in the day, I was getting tired and I knew I had to finish before closing time, so I opted for this pattern. 
Originally this quilt was supposed to go to a foster son of one of my nephews, when my nephew was allowed to adopt him. However, the little guy has been returned to his parents, so the adoption won't take place and he's no longer within my family circle. So, I'm ahead of the game where baby quilts are concerned. The next baby boy born or adopted in my family will probably receive this quilt. Unless his parents are, say, Edmonton Oiler fans. :-) If my grandson didn't already have multiple blankets, including a quilt that I made for his mother when she was a baby and the John Deere quilt I made for him, then he would get it. If I had wall space, I might just add a sleeve and hang it up. 
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