Saturday 9 November 2013

This Morning's Frustrations

I really was planning on attending church this morning. However, I frequently like to sneak in a little extra rest on Sabbath mornings. Not a whole lot, however, as I have an hour's drive to get to church, so I still have to rise pretty early. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of overdoing it with the extra rest and I was running late. And then things kept happening to make me later... Fighting with the dress I was planning on wearing - one of those 2-layered things where the outer dress is only attached to the lining at the neck and shoulders - I had it inside out and upside down and still couldn't seem to get my head and arms into the right openings. I finally got frustrated and gave up and decided to attend online Sabbath School here:
The Day of Atonement | Amazing Facts
They're singing one of my favourite hymns, A Mighty Fortress is Our God.
After, (10:40 MST) I'll attend church at: 
Sacramento Central 
Come and join me.

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