Sunday 3 November 2013

Show & Tell

Hey everybody, I decided to try my very first Linky party and I hope you'll join in. Because I have a broad range of hobbies and interests, I'm not limiting it to just quilting or crocheting or whatever. Just share your project. If you're not sure if it "fits" in this party, just contact me & ask. Scroll along to the bottom on my sidebar and there's a contact form.
It's my party and I figured I'd better have something to share, so decided on a couple of projects.
I just finished the quilt top for the Hockey Print Nine Patch quilt last night. I think that's a rather boring title, so I'm going to call it Bearly Hockey.
 Look closely at the print and you'll see why I call it that. I also considered calling it Bearly Leafs. It came in a kit that I bought at Len's Mill in London, Ontario. It's a very easy quilt and works up quite quickly. That's why the quilt top is already done. :-)

 I love the colours in this charm pack I bought on eBay. It's called Rose Arbour or something like that. I wasn't sure what I would do with it, but finally settled on a table runner. Using a charm pack like this, the points on the edge don't work out perfectly because you don't have bigger squares to make the half-square triangles. However, I still think it looks nice. I bought the border, backing and binding fabric at my local quilt shop.
I still need to master machine quilting before I can tackle quilting these projects. Straight line quilting gets a little boring. But practicing machine quilting until I get it right also seems boring. I'm more of a plunge in and learn as I go type. And I hate to waste all that thread, batting and fabric on practicing. And the time - when I work full time and have limited time to devote to hobbies, it hurts to spend it practicing and not have a pretty final project. However, what must be done, must be done. I would really like to take a live class on machine quilting. I have enrolled in several online classes, and normally I can learn that way with no problems. After all, I got my degree through distance education. But I just would feel more comfortable having the instructor "right there" with me so I can have ongoing guidance.
Enough palaver from me... Now it's your turn to share.
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