Tuesday 22 October 2013

Time to Pass It On

 It's time for me to host a giveaway. First, let's start with the prize:

 These are 5 fat quarters from my local quilt shop, plus this book:

Now, the background... Earlier this year, I won a giveaway from Ada Kopitopoulou, which included this book. Here's what I won:
As far as I can tell, the book started in the USA from Dawn's Quilt Corner in November of 2011. Different winners have added their blog addresses to the inside front cover (about 8 of us so far) and it appears this book has been to Holland and Greece and I now have it here in Canada. Whoever wins my giveaway must agree to pass on the book in a similar manner. The fabric and any other surprises I include are yours to keep. You can add whatever fabric and/or surprises you like when you give the book away. 
When I entered the giveaway, I wasn't particularly interested in the book, but free fabric is always exciting. I might not mind the odd mystery, but I'm not into graphic and gruesome and I found the cover and title of this book rather creepy. However, I decided to give it a try and it didn't live up to its creepiness. It was actually a pretty light-hearted mystery. The murder victim is an old skeleton, buried for 30 years, that was unearthed in a flower garden, so nothing too scary about that. The main characters are well-developed and I found myself liking them right from the start. My favourite line from the book is "It looks like a potato chip," which has nothing to do with the murder, but it made me laugh heartily. I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what that line is about. And, of course, it's a quilt-themed book.
To enter this giveaway, just add a comment on this post. 
For added entries:
1. Follow my blog (click on "Join this site" in the right hand column).
2. Add me to your circles on Google Plus (click on "Add to Circles" in the right hand column).
3. Share a link to this post on facebook, your blog or twitter (one added entry for each place shared).
Please leave an extra comment for each of your added entries (e.g. - I shared on facebook). And make sure that you leave me your email if it's not automatically included when you comment. 
Entries will close October 31 at midnight MDT. I will then select a winner by the highly technologically sophisticated method of putting names on slips of paper and drawing one from a basket. :-)
Good luck. I'm looking forward to seeing where this book will travel next. And hopefully you'll share with me what you made with the fabric.

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