Sunday 6 October 2013

Shopping Trip: Shoes, Fabric, Books and 14 Quilting Rulers!

I went into Edmonton and met up with my guy pal Phil and we went shopping. We both like flea markets, thrift stores and antique malls, so that's where we went. First we had to stop at WalMart so Phil could get his morning coffee at the McDonald's there. We also decided to check out the footwear department. I have been looking for comfortable dressy/casual shoes for a long time. I really didn't expect to find what I wanted in WalMart. But here's what I found:
The straps are an essential for me. I have narrow ankles and when I wear slip-ons, they tend to slip right off again. Or at least ride up and down the back of my heel. The only drawback to these are that the straps are velcro- close and with such narrow straps, my experience is that the velcro tends to come undone too easily. However, at $20, they will do until I find something better. And the velcro seems to be a little stronger than on the ones I have been wearing.
Of course, I had to detour through the fabric department and found this must-have fat quarter:
I just love those bright colours with the black background. 
This fat quarter bundle was also shouting, "Buy me."
Those lovely autumn colours needed to come home with me. I like autumn colours and my daughter's favourite colour is orange, so not sure if this will become a project for her or me. 
Next, we hit a couple of thrift stores. I'm about as addicted to books as I am to quilting, so when I find quilting books, that's a double bonus.
They are Country Weekend Patchwork Quilts by Leslie Linsley, Classic Patchwork & Quilting by Margit Echols, Cozy Cabin Quilts by Lynette Jensen and Folk Quilts and How to Recreate Them by Audrey & Douglas Wiss. 
Finally, we went to the Old Strathcona Antique Mall. Phil and I like to just browse the aisles. We never know when we might come across an awesome find. Sometimes our discoveries can be surprising. Today, as I was checking for a price on a wooden crate in a booth on one side of an aisle, Phil was busy investigating a booth on the other side. Phil, by the way, works in a sign making shop, so he's always on the lookout for things that might help him in his work. I don't remember what he said, but I turned around and there he was holding a quilting ruler in one hand and a basket full of them in the other. I couldn't believe it when I saw the price on the one he had in his hand: $3.00!!! I told him that they normally sell for at least $20 each. As a matter of fact, one that was still in its package had an original price tag of $21.95. That one was going for $5.00. I let Phil know in no uncertain terms that no, he was not going to use quilting rulers as a straight edge for his sign making. And I bought them all.
Here's what I got: 
1) a small Easy Angle (I already have a medium one) - $3
2) the large Easy Angle II - $5
3) Companion Angle - $3
4) & 5) Tri-Recs Tools - package of a Tri Tool & a Recs Tool - $5
6) 8" Clear View Triangle - $3
7) 12" Clear View Triangle (apex is chipped) - $5
8) Easy Eight - $3
9) Point Trimmer - $3
10) BiRangle - $3
11) 9-1/2" Triangle with a 45 degree apex - $3
12) Easy Hexagon - $4
13) Square in a Square - $5
14) Bias Stripper - $4 
Who would expect to find those in an antique mall? And the prices certainly can't be beat. As you can see in the picture, some of them are still in their original packages. I certainly am pleased with today's haul and looking forward to putting them all to use.

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