Monday 22 July 2013

Look What I Found!

 Do you know what this is?
 It's a cheese box/barrel.
Or at least it was... With a little help from Mystery and Tinker (Tinker left before I could get the camera),
it's now a storage bin...
for fabric,
or for yarn,
or even for toilet paper. LOL!
I bought it at Rocky Mountain Antique Mall. When I was growing up, we had one of these around the house. My mother had covered it in flowered MacTac and I believe it served as a toy box for my youngest sister, for at least part of its lifespan. So I felt sentimental about this cheese box when I saw it. It didn't help any that someone was trying out an accordion at the Antique Mall, which also made me think of my mother, since she could play the accordion. I try not to get too sentimental about things that aren't useful. Like nicknacks. But as you can see, this cheese box can be very useful. And it only cost $15.
Here's another find, this one from a thrift store,  for $2.99:
I bought it before I bought my over-the-door ironing board, but I hadn't covered it yet. This one I can set up nearer to where I'm sewing, negating the need to get up and down every time I need to iron a seam. It also negates the need to close the door to iron, which will make the cats very happy. They are not amused when I shut the door while sewing.
Today's finished projects, using two different quilted fabrics I had in my stash. Unfortunately, there was not enough of one to do both projects.

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