Thursday 25 July 2013

Adding to the Stash

I got a parcel in the mail both yesterday and today of fabric purchases from eBay, so thought I would share what I bought.
This first fabric will be in my grandson's John Deere quilt.
This bandana print in John Deere colours, will be the binding on the quilt.
Here's the backing fabric:
Remember I am making a block in honour of each member of my family? The next few fabrics will be used in my father's block.
Dad was in the air force during World War II and always had a love for airplanes.
When I saw this tool fabric, I knew it had to be included in Dad's block.
When we were young, our vacations were always camping: tents and tent trailers. After all of us children were on our own, my parents went through a series of holiday trailers and RVs.
The next couple of fabrics will be used in my brother's block.
Bill had a husky that he adopted while living in the North West Territories. He had Tuk (named for Tuktoyaktuk, where Bill lived for a year) for quite a few years and grieved greatly when he was gone. I will fussy cut and applique the husky from this fabric.
My brother was a volunteer fireman, as is his son, so I will choose one of these images to applique to Bill's block.
The next fabric is for my oldest sister Therese's block.
Basil. Therese loves gardening, especially her herb garden. She once said to me, "I don't know how anyone can smell basil and not believe in God." I was searching for the perfect herb fabric to be included in her block and found this one.
The next fabric is the backing fabric for the quilt I intend to make for my youngest sister's 50th birthday next year. That's Cindy, the one that lives in Nova Scotia and loves the ocean.

Finally, I found this, a quilted book panel of Jesus' birth, that I will make up for my grandson's Christmas present.
Now, totally off the topic of quilting and fabric, I found some non-GMO tofu in my local grocery store.
Yippee! That means I don't have to drive to the city to find it.
Happy quilting and cooking!

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