Saturday 20 July 2013

Corrie ten Boom

I wanted to write another devotional. I was mulling some ideas around in my mind. But then my niece came over for a visit and I didn't have the time or opportunity to get any of those ideas down on my blog. So I decided to share this instead.
Recently my youngest sister (Cindy, in whose honour I completed the Cynthia Ann Dancing block) posted a link on facebook to a virtual tour of the ten Boom house in Holland. Here's the link if you're interested: Tour the ten Boom House. We also discussed Corrie ten Boom on Skype and what an inspiration her life has been to both of us. If you're not familiar with her, perhaps you'd better start by watching The Hiding Place, the movie based on her experiences during World War II, when she and her family hid Jews, and ended up in a concentration camp for their efforts. Watch it and be blessed, it's well worth the time. Please don't be scared off by the rather grim picture that shows up here. It's not part of the movie and I don't know why they put it here.
I remember seeing a film of Miss ten Boom. She was working on a needlepoint while she was talking and she showed the back of the needlepoint and said something like, "This is how we see our lives." It was a indecipherable mess of tangled threads with no discernable pattern. Then she said that God sees us from above and she flipped the needlepoint over to reveal a beautiful piece that said, "Jesus is Victor."  I'm not telling it very well, but it made a profound impression on me. Here's another blog about this: iLife Journey, which includes a beautiful poem called, "Trusting the Weaver."
God bless.

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