Thursday 21 May 2020

Herringbone Quilt

This is the second baby girl's quilt made with the pink print background fabric and it's based on Jenny Doan's Herringbone tutorial.
This one was made with 16 - 10" squares each of background and print and I ended up with one extra HST unit because I only needed 63. I will decide what to do with that one later. Because these units are made with diagonal cuts, the entire project is made with bias edges, not one of my favourite ideas. However, it worked out fine without even using starch. 
The prints in this one are left over from Ingrid's Tulips, plus that purple is left over from Baby Alter Ego. And I still love that pink background fabric. It gives the quilt more visual impact, in my not so humble opinion. 
I chose Briar Rose from Willow Leaf Studio as the pantograph.
I actually called this pantograph Nameless Rose. I bought it second hand and for some reason, the end with the name was cut off, so I had to look on the Willow Leaf website to see if it was theirs and what it's actual name is. Another really pretty design, but it doesn't surpass Abstract Rose from Urban Elementz in beauty. 
I have two more baby boy quilts to make and then hopefully I'll be done baby quilts for awhile. But meanwhile, I've got some masks to make.

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