Wednesday 20 May 2020

Grand Adventures

My next two quilts were for baby girls, so I wanted a pink layer cake, and I didn't want to pay a whole lot of money for it. And then I thought, why couldn't I just make my own? I just had to find some pink fabric on sale (since I seldom pay full price for fabric) and buy enough to make my own layer cake. After all, I do own the Stripology ruler and I might as well put it to good use. So, on my next trip to Fabricland, I looked at pink fabric. And had to decide between a pink solid or a pink print. And since I tend to like to do things a little more radical sometimes (and I find solids boring), I chose a print. Here's the first quilt made with it. 
And making my own layer cake was quite easy with the Stripology ruler. 
Once again, this is a scaled down version of a Jenny Doan quilt, this time Grand Adventures. 
It took only 18 - 10" squares each of background and print. And this particular print is the remainder of the layer cake used in the Baby Alter Ego. I had separated it into girl's prints and boy's prints, and here is where I used the girl's prints. 
Isn't this just scrumptious? And it was a lot more fun to make than Exploring Space. No extra trimming - it just came together really easily and it looks great! I love it with that pink print for the background. 
To quilt it, I used the Flower Swirl pantograph by Urban Elementz and a pink Marathon thread. 
My Amara really likes Marathon thread.
Three more baby quilts to go. And in order to bind this one, I had to quilt the next one so that I could use scraps from that backing for this binding. And vice versa.

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