Monday 30 December 2019

Licorice Allsorts

Isn't this a cheerful quilt? I rank it amongst my favourites. I purchased the Colourworks Concepts jelly roll from Sew Sisters during their Stuff Your Stocking event a couple of years ago. Then I had to determine what to do with it. I googled to find jelly roll quilt patterns and was disappointed to discover that there really aren't that many options. For layer cakes, there are patterns a-plenty, but for jelly rolls, the selection is limited. And I definitely did not want to do a Jelly Roll Race. I have never particularly liked stripes and I find the Jelly Roll Race boring. 
One of the patterns I did find was Sorbet, and this pattern really appealed to me: much more interesting and challenging than the Jelly Roll Race and not stripes. However, my quilt was definitely not sorbet colours, so I searched for a name for a sweet treat that would suit this quilt. 
The filled circles reminds me of stuffed olives, but that didn't fit what I was looking for. However, it also reminded me of Licorice Allsorts.

In my opinion, licorice allsorts have got to be one of the worst excuses for candy out there. While they are quite fascinating in their varied appearance, they are disgusting to eat. And that's because I really don't like black licorice, and I couldn't get away with just eating the coloured candy from around the licorice. Besides, it all was contaminated with the flavour of licorice. However, with the black and multi-colours in this quilt, I decided this was the most appropriate name. 
And I chose a pantograph named Licorice with which to quilt it. 
It's a fun and fairly east design by Patricia Ritter and Tracey Russell from Urban Elementz. 

Mystery, of course, had to help.
I used some colourful thread from my stash. I don't remember which one I used in the top and which one in the bobbin. I think I used the one on the left in the top. I had purchased it back when I was renting time on a longarm and most of the label was missing. But I was able to determine that it was a Wonderfil thread from the cone and what remained on the label. Searching for the colour code on the Wonderfil website, I found that this is actually a 30 weight rayon, named Mirage. This is probably at least the third quilt I have used this on, and I don't remember having any problems with it, which is great, considering my problems with other variegated threads. The thread on the left is Wonderfil Fabulux in Ocean Breeze.
Here's the back of the quilt. Isn't this just such fun fabric? 
This quilt is for my great nephew, Thompson, but I don't intend to mail it to him until I have quilts made for his sister, Katie, and brother, Declan. I don't want anyone feeling left out. 

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