Sunday 29 December 2019

Country Christmas

Catching up on UFOs (UnFinished Objects, that is), I made this set in the spring (March and April, but didn't bind it then). Binding is probably my least favourite part of quilting. And now, Christmas is past and I finally got the binding done today. 
Oh well, I'm ahead of the game for next Christmas. It's actually two table runners and a small centre quilt. The pattern is Rocky Mountain Hideaway from McCall's Quick Quilts, December/January 2019 issue.
I love Christmas colours, Christmas fabrics, Christmas quilts.
And I love this border print fabric with the red barn and the park bench - so peaceful looking. 
I loaded all three quilts on the same batting and backing and just quilted the edge to edge design across all three. I used the Christmas Holly pantograph by Patricia Ritter from Urban Elementz and an Aurilux Christmas variegated thread, which gave me a lot of grief. I'm beginning to suspect that my Amara does not like variegated thread, even though I do. When I quilted My True Love Gave to Me with Glide and Cat's Comfort with Marathon, I had minimal to no problems. They're both solid colour threads. But this quilt set, with variegated Aurilux, Audacious with Fabulux and My Beloved's Vineyard with Affinity, I had multiple problems. Especially with the Affinity, but that was before I knew to put a piece of batting in the thread guide above the cone, so that at least explains part of it. Hmm, I may have to post in one of my quilting groups to ask for input.
Meanwhile, I'm happy to be catching up on some UFOs/WIPs (and some blogging, as well).

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