Wednesday 5 April 2017

Two Quilts Find a Home

I don't always know who the recipient will be when I'm constructing a quilt. Yes, for many of the quilts I make I have a definite recipient in mind. But sometimes I'm making it for a quilt challenge, a quilt-along or a block of the month, or just because I like the pattern and/or fabric. Or sometimes I plan on it being for me, until I find out it's the perfect quilt for someone else. That happened with Wild Mustangs of the Painted Desert.
I really loved the fabric I was using in this quilt. But then horse-loving friends were moving to a different province and I knew this quilt must be theirs as a farewell gift. 
Scrappy Shine was a different matter altogether.
I had a definite recipient in mind - the adopted daughter of one of my nephews. Unfortunately, the adoption fell through and Scrappy Shine was "homeless." The next children of my nephews were boys, and with it's pink binding, I really didn't think this quilt was appropriate. And I resolved to make neutral baby quilts from then on unless I definitely knew the gender. Meanwhile, Scrappy Shine languished, unclaimed for over 2 years. But then - serendipity - the wife of another nephew gave birth to a beautiful little girl. And Scrappy Shine is now on its way to Andrea Jane. 
You'll notice I used this quilt as the background for the slogan at the top of my post. I don't think it's that catchy, but it is how I feel. A girl can only wear a dress for so long before she outgrows it. And then it gets handed down or sold in a yard sale or donated to a thrift store. But I try to make my "baby" quilts with fabric that isn't too baby-ish and make them big enough so that they can be used throughout childhood. And then, if good care has been taken of them, they can be stored and passed down to the next generation. Of if they've been enjoyed until they are rags, then that's good, too. 
And then there's Stars Over Africa.
I made this as my entry in last year's Johnson's Sewing Centre/Quilter's Dream Quilt Challenge. And I won second place - A $150 store credit! But who to give it to, I didn't know. If I owned a castle instead of a bungalow, I might have space to keep all of the quilts I make. But I don't. I offered it to another nephew (yes, I have quite a few of those) as a housewarming gift, but he doesn't like green and opted for a red, white, blue and black quilt, that isn't quilted yet. 
I don't remember what it's called. You'll have to wait until I quilt it and blog about it, and hopefully I'll find the book that it's in, in the meantime. 
So what to do with Stars Over Africa? I liked it, and it was kind of a nice idea to keep it since it was my first big win. Yes, I've won a few firsts in the local fairs, but those are local, small town fairs. This was Edmonton! And I wasn't able to enter this year. I wavered back and forth. And tried to listen to the Holy Spirit's guidance. After all, my talents and abilities are because of His blessings, so I try to find out who He wants the quilt to go to. And tonight I dropped it off at a retired pastor's place, for him and his wife. He's had some very serious health - and other - challenges in the past year or so. And God knew he and his wife needed a "hug." That's what I consider my quilts - hugs from God, a tangible reminder of God's great love for the recipient. 
So, two less quilts in my house - that means more room for fabric. 

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