Sunday 22 January 2017

Making Progress

When this past week's quilt block for the Solstice Challenge was published, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to do it. It's an applique basket and I didn't feel that it was consistent with the fabric I'm using and the look I am aiming for. But I decided to do it anyway. However, I first had to tidy up the basket. Sorry, Pat Sloan, but it was too sloppy for my liking. I folded the pattern in half to make sure both sides matched. used a ruler to make all of the straight lines straight, used a round object (my paper clip holder) to round off the handle and made the pattern all one piece, rather than the basket and handle separate. And I still didn't like it. It's just not right for this fabric.
When I posted it to Instagram, I noticed that other quilters had customized their blocks and decided I would, too. I had been looking for an opportunity to use a fussy cut of the deer in this fabric, so decided this was the occasion, and made the deer the centre of a square in a square. 
And I love it! See the finished block below.                             
It's gotten a LOT of likes on facebook as well (over 400 last time I checked), 
Here are the two blocks side by side. 
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the original block. I would have liked it better leaving the centre without the applique. Maybe I'll remove the basket. 
I've also been plodding along on Damian's train cardian. It definitely needs blocking, but I'm pretty happy with my first (and maybe my only) attempt at intarsia knitting. It's a size 4 and he's already 4 years old, but fortunately not big for his age. I need to get this done while it will still fit him. Hmm, is that sleeve supposed to be that big? One more sleeve to go, then the button & buttonhold bands and neckband. 
And today I'm very happy to have finally finished the Stars All Around quilt top for my great nephew Aiden. I think that gives me 4 quilt tops that I need to find time to spend at the longarm studio in order to finish them.  

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