Saturday 7 January 2017

Floating Stars and Wintry Woods

After completing blocks 2 & 3 of Pat Sloan's 182 Day Solstice Challenge in this fabric, I've decided that I love the look of this colour scheme and will continue with the challenge.
Green is my nephew Justin's favourite colour and so it looks like this is going to be his quilt. I just wish I knew what the finishing is going to be so that I can plan my fabric purchases. However, I will just start with buying more of these two fabrics. I think I'm going to call it Wintry Woods, but I also keep having the Robert Frost poem, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," run through my head, so that might end up being this quilt's name.
This evening, while working on January's UFO, I've been listening to this CD:

I love classical music and this is a great selection from various composers. However, after listening to it multiple times, I'm getting rather tired of it and need to rummage around and find some of my other classical CDs.
Here's where I am so far with Floating Stars:

That's actually half of the top, minus the borders, of course.
I'm getting sick of trimming half square triangles. The fabric squares are cut out at 4". Once they're made into HST units, they have to be trimmed down to 3-1/2". I'm thinking that the next time I do HSTs I will spray starch the fabric to help keep the bias from stretching and cut the squares at 3-7/8". That way I shouldn't have to trim. Trimming vastly increases the amount of time and effort required to make a quilt. And I'm basically lazy (😃) and don't have a whole lot of time. Besides, I realized that the quilt I was making for my great nephew Aiden didn't make it onto my UFO list for 2017 and he was born last spring, so I really need to get that one done soon! Not enough time to waste trimming HSTs!
By the way, the Floating Stars quilt is from this book:
 It's for my nephew, Bradley, who bought himself a house this past year. We had his housewarming party in September. Some day maybe I'll catch up. Maybe even get ahead so that I can actually give the quilts on the occasion they were intended for.

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