Saturday 18 January 2014

Show & Tell: The Week's Progress

This past week, I moved a shelf unit into my basement craft studio from the garage. There is a "sort of closet" in the craft studio that had a rod for hanging clothes. I removed the rod because the shelf unit was too tall to fit under the rod. I'm really hesitant to invest in putting any permanent shelving in there since my daughter and I are considering moving to another home. Anyway, the shelf unit is in there, but I haven't had a chance to start filling it yet. No doors on this "sort of closet," so I hung the flannel sheet I use as a design wall in front of it. There's not really any other wall space available for a design wall, but it does make it kind of challenging putting pieces on it since there's nothing solid behind it to press against.
I've also made some progress on the Scrappy Shine quilt:
This is it so far, hanging on the design wall. I have two more rows of charm squares to add and two rows of sashing. I hope to finish that today (Sunday) because I have already booked time on the Long Arm tomorrow. Sparrow Studioz is having a special freebie: a maximum 2 hour session free. I also have the Bearly Hockey quilt that hasn't been quilted yet, so I'm hoping to quilt them both, though I doubt if I can get them both done in 2 hours. If I had a lot more long arm experience, I might be able to, but this will only be my 3rd and possibly 4th quilt. As long as no one has booked the 2 hour slot after me, I can still continue to quilt, so I was told when I booked my time.
On Friday, my order from Mad About Patchwork for the Bluenose II quilt arrived. I'm impressed with their service. They allow you to order a 1/4 yard (some merchants will only sell a half yard) and will cut it as a fat quarter. They ship your order out quickly and the shipping costs are very reasonable. I expect to do business with them again. 
Bluenose II quilt fabrics from Mad About Patchwork
They even labelled all of the fabric with the Kona name. This is the first and largest order I've placed for the pixel part of the Bluenose II quilt. I still have fabric coming from Pink Chalk Fabrics and Fat Quarter Shop.  I have previously dealt satisfactorily with Pink Chalk Fabrics, but this is my first transaction with Fat Quarter Shop. I also picked up a few solids previously that I will be using in this quilt. I need to get moving with it because I'm hoping to have it finished and in my sister's hands by her birthday March 23. I had planned on starting first thing this month, but it took longer than I expected to match, choose, and order all of the fabric. And of course I had to relocate my sewing room in the meantime. Too bad I have to work for a living or I could devote full time to quilting. LOL! I may not make it in time for her birthday, but if I can make substantial progress, I'll be happy. 

PhotoA friend posted this on facebook and I just thought I'd share it here because it really made me laugh out loud. I'm not sure how differently I'd dress because my dream job is to own my own quilt shop. :-)
So what have you accomplished this past week?
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