Sunday 12 January 2014

Show & Tell: Making Some Progress on My Basement Craft Studio

Hopefully I can actually get my linky party to work properly this week...
Last week I shared my daughter's quilt, which I was able to complete by squeezing in and around the piles in my "new" basement craft studio. But the studio was still too cluttered and congested to do that on an ongoing basis.
Last evening I was able to clear enough floor space to set up my cutting table.
I've moved that bookshelf in the background into the craft area to make room for my office stuff, which also had to be moved to the basement. It is now holding my hobby-related books: quilting, crocheting, gardening, even woodworking, and some bins holding fabric and sewing patterns. To the left in this picture is my "vintage" central vac. It came with the house and I'm sure it was installed when the house was built in the 1970s, but it still works! On the right is my stack of extra chairs for when I have more company than my dining chairs accommodate (most recently Wasn't That a Party!). Where else do I stack them? That's my new blue cutting mat that I bought at the New Year's Day Sale at Fabricland sitting on the cutting table. You're probably wondering why I have a textbook and a bread machine stacked on top of it. :-). You know how you're supposed to keep them flat? Well, I drive a pickup truck and we are an hour's drive from the Fabricland. Where to store it for the trip home? I don't have a cover on the box of my pickup truck, so it would have been exposed to the elements and it was quite cold that day. The cutting mat could have gotten stiff and broken if it was sliding around in the box. And technically, the bottom of the box is not flat; it's corrugated. So, I stuck the cutting mat in the back seat (I have an extended cab). What harm could it do for just an hour's trip? Well, the cutting mat now has a ripple along one edge, which I am trying to remedy by applying weight to that edge. Hence, the textbook and bread machine. 
Earlier in the week, I was able to hang my pegboard, so all of my rulers, cutters, etc. are organized and locatable once again.
There's a small bulkhead (I think that's what you call it - an enclosure for plumbing, wiring and ductwork to run) above where I hung it. Unfortunately, I miscalculated and the shelf on the pegboard is a little too close to the bulkhead. I can not fit my pencil can, containing my fabric markers, etc., on the shelf. But the pencil can is small enough that I can easily find another spot for it. 
Though my studio is far from finished, I now have enough space and order that Sophia and I can resume our projects.
One fly in the ointment: I have been considering moving into administration in my career and I feel it would be wise to pursue my Master's degree in order to facilitate this. While I'm definitely not opposed to higher education (I was awarded my Bachelor's in 2012), working full time and studying part time pretty much excludes hobbies. If I choose to pursue my Master's degree, it would seriously curtail my ability to pursue quilting, crocheting, etc., not only time-wise, but financially as well. Higher education is not cheap. Much to think and pray about.
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