Sunday 5 January 2014

Show & Tell: Dreamweaver Quilt

I just finished putting the binding on the Dreamweaver quilt:


This is the quilt I've been making for my daughter. So, it's finished and in her possession. She wrapped up in it immediately after these shots. Here's the back.

Yes, I picked another backing that's not necessarily consistent with the quilt top. Stars in the night sky for the quilt top and sunflowers for the backing, but it's pretty, it's orange (Sophia's favourite colour) and Sophia likes it. 
Mystery, of course, didn't think I could manage it without him.
Applying the binding with Mystery's help

Indeed, all of that lovely indigo blue background is covered with long white cat hair.
This is a close up of the quilting. 

I did it at Sparrow Studioz, of course, and used a pantograph in the pattern "Stars & Clouds." I figured that was the most consistent with the quilt top.
The quit pattern is from the Quick Strip Paper Piecing course available on the Craftsy website.
My basement sewing/craft studio has yet to be set up, but I managed to squeeze in enough space to trim that quilt and apply the binding. Now, I need to focus on getting the studio organized...
So what have you accomplished this week? It's your turn to share. 
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