Thursday 4 September 2014

Vacation Days 4 through 7

Well, the week's almost over and what have I accomplished? I cleaned all of the bed linens, including throw and afghan, from the bedroom in the basement, then remade the bed. I washed my sleeping bag in preparation for carrying it around in the truck in case of emergency this winter. I moved all of the furniture out of one of the main floor bedrooms, disassembled the crib and packed up all the rest of my daughter's and grandson's stuff from when they were living here and moved it out to the shed. Used my new carpet cleaner to clean the carpet in that bedroom and part of the carpet in the third bedroom. I'm not moving all of the furniture out of that bedroom, so will do just one part of the carpet at a time. Hopefully, will be able to move all of the furniture to the other side tomorrow and finish that carpet. My bedroom and the living room carpets, as well as the carpets on the basement stairs will probably wait for another occasion. Once the carpet dries in the bedroom where I moved all of the furniture out, I will establish that room as my office, take down the shelving off the wall, move my desks and computer in, plus a couple of bookcases. But I doubt I will get all of that done tomorrow. I know that doesn't sound much like fun for a vacation, but it's a good feeling to get it done. And that's not all I've done this week.
I've been quilting and crocheting and watching Dr. Quinn. I actually completed a whole quilt top from start to finish this week. You'll hear more about it when I finally finish it. I tried to book time tomorrow to do the quilting, but they only had an afternoon appointment and I wanted the morning, so I booked time on September 29, my next scheduled day off. I started my cogitations on this quilt when I decided that I needed to make one for my friends Bob and Neva, who will probably be moving away this fall. I was mulling over what to make for them when I remembered this "back burner" quilt plan. (My back burner quilts are ones that I have most, if not all, of the fabric for, but haven't had a chance to make yet). I had all of the fabric for it, just waiting for the opportunity to make it up. 
Now, let me be honest: I actually prefer to buy fabric with a plan in mind rather than just buy random pieces not knowing what or when I'll ever make it into. I'm always concerned that I may attempt to use it in a quilt, only to discover that there's not enough of it. So, I'd much rather know what I'm going to use it in and buy all of the fabric at once. Or at least enough for the quilt top. The binding and backing may wait for another time. A second confession is that I often like the fabric and quilt plan so well that I want it for myself. Some quilt plans I'm more invested in than others. And I really fell in love with the Navajo/southwest style fabric that I used in this quilt, which I'm calling "Wild Mustangs of the Painted Desert." When I reviewed what "back burner" quilts I have in my stash, I had a difficult time coming to the decision to give this one away. There's the Crop Circles quilt that I will also have a hard time parting with, but that will probably go to a nephew, who is studying agriculture in college. There's the pink Pinwheel Polka quilt that will go to a niece. The swoon quilt is for the sister who turned 65 this year. The Tales of Ireland quilt will go to another nephew (just decided this recently, so will have to change the secondary colour from pink to something else, probably gold). The yet-to-be-named quilt featuring a stained-glass window panel will go to another niece. And, of course, the Fractured Glass, which is destined for my bed. That left the Clara Barton quilt and Wild Mustangs of the Painted Desert. I don't at this time think I'm going to part with any of the nursing quilts I'm planning on designing. And I also remembered that Bob and Neva used to like to go horseback riding before age and health concerns prevented that (they're both in their 80s). And the Wild Mustang quilt, of course, features horses. So, reluctantly, I decided to make that one up for them. Yes, I could have started from scratch with a totally new quilt, but I don't know how soon they'll be moving and want to have it done for them to take with them. I don't want to wait for decisions on quilt pattern and fabric, when I had this one all ready to go. It's not that I begrudge them a quilt. I just was kind of attached to that one... But, as I said before, quilts are a labour of love, and my love will certainly go with them when they move. 
But let me tell you how I actually got started on Wild Mustangs, when I've already got several others on the go. It's mostly made of HSTs, but I decided that parallelograms would work better. I had already cut out a couple previously, but then wondered if my measurements were accurate. I decided to draft it and the measurements were not correct. So I decided to start cutting while I still knew what all the measurements were for, including the setting squares and triangles. And it just mushroomed from there. Quilting really can be an addiction. Here's just a teaser, the centre star of the wild Mustangs quilt:

I've also been working on the Rosy Stars quilt. I'm liking how it looks. Here's the first block:

It's got a special recipient as well. I haven't touched the pixel quilt or the Law School quilt, both of which also have destinations, but they'll get done eventually. Here's my first schoolhouse block for the Law School quilt, which I completed previously:

It's kind of a tedious block. That's why I haven't been enthusiastically working on it this week. 
And I'm almost done my Tunisian crochet tote bag. Just have to stitch up the side seams and add the handles. But I think I'm going to line it, and maybe add some pockets to the lining, so it may take a little longer. 
I think I'll go visit with Dr. Quinn some more. And maybe tomorrow I'll visit Fabricland...

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