Sunday 7 September 2014

Final Days of Vacation

Dare I admit that I'm still in my nightgown? I just didn't take the time to shower and dress yet. I took down some wallpaper in bedroom 3 (actually I took off the vinyl layer - I still have to soak the paper part off) after moving the furniture to the opposite side of the room once it was vacuumed. I plan to finish the carpet cleaning in that room, but I'll need to get dressed so I can go to Canadian Tire and get some carpet shampoo. Then I started moving furniture up from the basement to bedroom 2 as I'm turning it into my office. Yes, I'm moving furniture by myself: a 4-drawer desk with hutch, a computer desk plus computer, the printer table plus printer (a big laser multi-function centre, not just a little inkjet), two 6-shelf bookcases (eventually it will be 3 as one is going into bedroom 3), two 2-drawer filing cabinets and 2 office chairs (one was actually already on the main floor as I had moved it up previously). Plus the books and other paraphernalia that go in my office. Well, actually some of the books will be coming from the garage. I've still got one bookcase and the filing cabinets to bring up, plus most of the books and one office chair. But I think I've done enough of that kind of strenuous labour for one day. 
Yesterday, I went to a small rural church where I used to be a member, about an hour's drive away. Most of the congregation was away and there were less than 20 people present during the church service. With so few there, I helped with song service for both Sabbath School and church and had closing prayer for both services as well. Went to dinner at the home of friends afterwards. They live about 40 minutes drive from church in the opposite direction, so had quite a hike to get home afterwards. Another couple I know was there as well, and it was wonderful spending time with old friends. I was really thankful I went. 
Lots of bugs hitting the windshield both coming and going, so returning home was rather hazardous. With the lowering sun hitting all of the bug guts on my windshield, visibility was compromised. I scrubbed it off with a brush and vinegar and water when I got home. 
Friday had been a rather lazy day. Moving furniture and cleaning carpets on Thursday had left me tired, so I didn't do much physically. I vacuumed bedroom 2, but the carpet in bedroom 3 was still damp in the spots where I had pretreated stains, so I couldn't vacuum and move furniture. I did that today. I got four 10-minute blocks completed using charm squares. Here's the picture of the first two, which I've already shared:
I intend to make these into a tote bag. 
This weekend, Fons & Porter had 40% off quilting eBooks, so I bought 4: Asian Inspired, Block Buster, Tabletop Quilts & Triangle Quilts. Can hardly wait to try out some of the patterns. 
The daughter of friends is graduating from university in December. She has just been offered a job starting in January. That was a real answer to prayer. And meanwhile I realized that I ought to make her a quilt for graduation/housewarming. She'll have to get her first apartment as the job is an hour and a half away from her parents home. Personally, I really think we need to start a new trend. Forget bridal showers and start throwing showers when young adults first move out on their own. By the time they get married, most of them have already had a career and been living on their own for some time. When they first move out is when they need all of that stuff. And besides, why should those who never get married miss out on all the goodies?
I guess that's all for now. Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow. So many quilts, so little time...  

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