Sunday 21 September 2014

Turning 55

Today I turned 55. My hair is turning more and more grey, I've been wearing progressive lenses for a number of years and just recently started wearing hearing aides. But I helped my ex-husband carry a change table (a heavy one with drawers and made of particle board, not one of those open shelf, lighter weight ones) outside and load it on his pickup truck for delivery to a pregnant colleague from work. After we finished that and he left for home, I carried this bookshelf by myself up from the basement: 
That's the second bookshelf of this type that I've carried up from the basement by myself. Of course, when I carried the other one up, I was only 54. LOL! Now I just have to get all of the books up to fill these bookcases. And then a couple of filing cabinets for the office and one more book case for the spare bedroom. And yes, I will probably do it all by myself. That's one of the inconveniences of living on your own (and having your guy pals living over an hour's drive away). But I never was the "delicate flower" type. That's the example my mother set for me. However I need to be cautious in following my mother's example too closely because she broke her wrist once and her elbow once being too independent in moving furniture on her own. My ex reminded me of that today. However, I don't have any strapping sons-in-law eager to help me. Just an ex-husband who is a truck driver that's only home about once a month. So, at 55, I'm still moving furniture. 
That may seem like a rather odd way to spend my birthday, but that was just the tail end of the day. I actually had dinner with friends, phone calls from a couple of my sisters, a visit from one of my nieces and lots of birthday wishes on facebook and google+. And google actually remembered my birthday. How thoughtful! LOL!
All in all, a good day. Now should I paint, quilt or watch a video?

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