Friday 16 August 2013

Quilt Inspectors

Through the years, I've had much "help" with my crafts - sewing, crocheting, quilting and more - from my cats and my daughter, when she was younger. Eventually, I taught Sophia to sew and quilt herself, but the cats have always been content to inspect, supervise and trial my projects.
Mystery is my current primary Quilt Inspector. Here he is supervising the construction of the Contrary Husband block.

I was working with this quilted fabric to cover a vintage cheese box which is now used for - what else? - fabric storage. At one time during the construction of this project, both of my cats and I were all on top of this fabric. Tinker is not as interested in my projects as Mystery is and she left before I got a chance to snap a picture.
I hope you will excuse the quality of the following pictures. They're taken from a scrapbook and scanned into the computer. My scanner does not provide the highest quality pictures. Some were taken before I had a digital camera and some were printed on cardstock instead of photo paper and have printing on them. I have no idea if I ever saved a digital copy of them somewhere and I've moved too many times to know where the digital copies might be... But all three of the cats in these pictures I hope to meet again in heaven because they are no longer quilting with me. So, I'm sharing these pictures in their memory.
Midget is in the foreground and you can barely see Ashley in the background, both testing out some fabric.
Snickers is helping me pin-baste.
He really wants to make sure we do a good job.
My daughter is holding up the finished quilt, while Midget looks behind to see how the backing looks.
Midget thinks I might need to adjust the tension.
Ever had your fabric slip while cutting? You just need a cat to hold it down.
Midget took his job as Quilt Inspector pretty seriously. Mystery took over the top job when Midget passed away and takes it just as seriously.
Midget and Sophia do the final inspection and approval before wrapping this quilt as a wedding gift. Midget almost blends in with the quilt.
Being a Quilt Inspector is a tough job. Mystery is taking a well-earned rest.
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pets on quilts

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