Monday 12 August 2013

First Block of the Dreamweaver Quilt

Remember that gorgeous "Space" fabric that I shared some time back. Well, here's the first block I used it in:
I'm doing a whole quilt in this pattern for my daughter. It's the Dreamweaver pattern from  Craftsy's Quick Strip Paper Piecing Class. Each block will have a different purple and a different orange fabric in the star. Orange is Sophia's favourite colour and purple is mine. Blue is her father's favourite colour. When I decided to use this pattern for her quilt, I wanted just the right background fabric for stars, something that looked like a night sky. So I was quite excited when I found this fabric. Now that I've finished the quilt top and backing for her son's quilt, I'm ready to start working on hers. At least until I figure out where and how I'm going to do the pin-basting for his quilt and get my Janome MC 6000 back from being serviced. That's the machine I plan on using for doing the actual quilting, since it has a cabinet.
Here's a sneak preview of Damian's quilt top:
Sorry I couldn't lay it out totally flat. I'm still looking for enough floor space to do the pin-basting on. As you can see, the floor space in my quilting room is not quite large enough. And it's also carpeted. I've tried that before. Lot's of fun trying to detach the quilt from the carpet after you've pinned everything together. Once I get it quilted, I'll share more pictures and details on its construction.

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