Sunday 26 April 2020

Transform Me

This is one time that I had to pay full price for fabric. I seldom do it, but once in a while a project comes along that I don't have much choice. 
Peter, one of my adult nephews, collects Transformers. As I've likely mentioned before, my goal is to make every sister, niece and nephew and great niece and nephew a quilt. And I like to customize the quilts as much as possible. So, when it came to Peter's quilt, I promised him a Transformers quilt. Originally, I was planning on applique because I hadn't seen any Transformers fabric. Then one day, as I was browsing in a fabric store, I came across Transformers panels and fabric. And this particular fabric store doesn't have much in the way of sales. They do have some clearance fabric and a reduced price on "end of the bolt," but the Transformers fabric wasn't in either of those categories. I bought the panel first, and had it kicking around for at least a couple of months before I finally went back and bought the fabric. The solid red is the only fabric that came from my stash. I came up with the design myself.
Some time ago, I saw a video on Trapunto, which is adding extra batting to certain areas of a quilt to give it more emphasis. I'm really not all that adventurous when it comes to quilting, sticking with my comfort zone, pantographs. But I decided to give Trapunto a try, especially since I have lots of pieces of fibrefil batting kicking around. And that's what the batting of choice is for Trapunto, to give the extra loft. So I added one layer of fibrefil and one layer of cotton batting to the word, "Transformers." 
Honestly, if you're going to try Trapunto, I don't recommend that you start with a word. All of those tiny spaces in the letters that needed to be cut out! Start with a simple shape like a circle. 😁 Well, I did it, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. 
In order to make the Trapunto stand out, it's necessary to quilt densely around the object to which the extra batting has been added. Which meant I had to do free motion quilting around the word. Definitely not professional, but I'm still happy with it. 
I used the pantograph, Game Night, to quilt the rest of the quilt. 
It's finally on its way to my nephew. First, I had to get a negative result to my Covid-19 test so that I could end my self-isolation. Then I had to find the right size box. Then I had to have a day off so that I could mail it. Canada Post's hours have been cut back because of the pandemic and they close at the same time that I finish work. So, it was mailed April 20, and I hope he loves it. 

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