Sunday 10 February 2019

A Quartet of St. Patrick's Day Dishcloths

Having started a new job in January, I had to spend several days in a classroom for training. I get bored easily sitting in a classroom, so like to take along some crocheting to keep my hands occupied so that my mind can pay attention. I don't like to take knitting projects because it's much more challenging to stop in the middle of a row, not lose stitches and know which direction you're going in. I have actually picked up a knitting project before and started knitting in the wrong direction. Not good. 
While I didn't really need any new dishcloths, they are an easy take along project. And I have a whole large bin of cotton yarn. I started out with the Hostess Dishcloths pattern from the Bernat book, Let's Dish
It's a pretty basic pattern and I gave all four of these away to my class instructors. Next, I decided to try the Pastel Eggs pattern in this book. 
As you can see, mine really didn't come out looking too much like an egg. One of my great nephews was visiting while I was finishing the edging at home, and we both had a good laugh over it. I'm not likely to repeat this pattern. It's not good enough to share and I don't really need any more deformed dishcloths. 😄 
The interesting thing about Let's Dish is that, while it goes through the calendar, offering dishcloth patterns for various occasions and holidays, there is not a single one for St. Patrick's Day. And, being of (half) Irish descent, that is important to me. I had already made the Celtic Knot dishcloth, which I consider relatively useless.
I haven't tried it yet, but I question the effectiveness of a dishcloth with more holes than fibre. 
Next, I did the Crochet Shamrock Dishcloth
It looks good, but it is kind of tedious to make for something that is probably no more useful than the Celtic Knot. Instead of making any more of these, and still having more class time to occupy, I just made another Hostess Dishcloth with the green yarn. 
Definitely much more practical than the previous two.
In my googling, I also found a knitted St. Patrick's Day Cloth. While I didn't intend to knit this one in class, it was the most practical one I found, and I made this one at home. 
Enough of dishcloths for now, I've got too many other projects to work on. 

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