Sunday 25 December 2016

46 Country Quilting Projects

The Book:
The Projects: Mini Patchwork Ornaments - Amish Square & Bow Tie
Pages: 122-129
I got dreadfully sick last Wednesday and left work early and have been sick since. According to a principle of outbreak management in seniors' facilities, the sick should not leave their rooms until 48 hours after their last symptom. Since I am not yet symptom free, although feeling a little better, I chose to stay home alone for Christmas, and not share the "joy" of my illness. As my energy is still lacking, aside from laundry, I haven't done much of anything, just a little crafting. I have been working on Damian's Choo-Choo Train cardigan, but I find knitting is the craft that is hardest on my hands. As my hands were aching, even with my crafting gloves on, I decided to get some more patchwork ornaments done.

The one in the centre is the Amish Square, and the other two are Bow Tie. I reversed the direction of the Bow Tie in the second one and sort of wish I'd done both of them like this as it came out looking kind of like a wreath. Neither of them is the same layout as in the book. As a matter of fact, the Amish Square is the only ornament completed like it is in the book. However, I'm still pleased with them all.
I was going to do a second Amish Square, only reversing the colours, but opted not to.
Four inch ornaments really are too big for a 4' tree, so I will confine my ornament construction to smaller ornaments from now on.
I think the above is my favourite of all the ornaments I've made so far.
I did "cheat" a little bit on the Bow Tie ornaments. I made four 4-patches, stitched them together and then appliqued the centres of the bow ties. There was really no way I wanted to mess with a Y-seam on a 2" square (the ornament is actually made up of 4 - 2" Bow Tie blocks). Of course, if it had been a more traditional Bow Tie and not used a different fabric for the bow tie centre, it would have been much simpler. I'm beginning to suspect there might be a little bit of a sadistic streak in the author of this book. LOL!
Sorry, the pictures on the tree didn't turn out very well. I suppose I could try and figure out better settings on the camera, but it's not my camera and I don't have the manual. Besides my brain is still too tired to try and figure it out. 
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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