Friday 27 September 2013

Today's Progress

I was in Edmonton today for a wound care workshop. Whenever I go to one of these programs, I like to take a crocheting project along so that I can keep my hands busy. I find I can get more out of the presentations that way. I'm not as likely to get bored or restless. Today I brought along the purple and green afghan that I've been working on. It is getting pretty huge to bring along, but it still fits in the tote I've been using for some of my crochet projects. Here's how it looked at the end of the workshop:
 Here's how it looked before today:
So I've made some substantial progress. I think I completed 8 rows and it now measures about 43" x 53" or something like that. I actually left the workshop early, so I could have completed even more if I'd stayed. :-) It was supposed to end at 4:45, but I left around 3:00 before the final session, which was on incontinence. One of the other nurses that was there from my office had told me her plans to leave before the final session, so I looked through the handout for that session and realizing that I knew most of what was going to be presented, decided to leave as well. So did our third nurse that was there. That would get us out of the city before the worst of rush hour started.  
I had really been looking forward to the session on nutrition and wound healing. So Not Impressed! I was appalled at the presenter's ignorance: "I don't know how vegetarians can get enough protein." Grrr! It didn't help that she set the protein requirements at more than double what we actually need. No wonder there's an epidemic of heart disease and cancer. And she's a registered dietitian working with heart patients! I was tempted to go up to her and say, " You know I've been a vegetarian for over 35 years (almost 38 to be exact) and I had no idea I was so malnourished. Totally amazing that I was able to produce a healthy child considering the fact that I went vegan while I was pregnant."  
Well, the consolation was that I did win a door prize:
a solar light that I will use on my deck.

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