Tuesday 16 April 2013

After spending my time and energy pursuing an education, career and new life, I'm ready to start doing some of the things I really love again. Most of my hobbies have been neglected while I was diligently getting my life back on track again and getting my degree, etc., etc. Now that I'm no longer studying (at least for the time being), I've got time to enjoy my interests and maybe even find some new ones. Somewhere on the internet, I found a link to Craftsy, an online crafters community, which offers courses, supplies and an opportunity to share pictures of your finished products as well as find the patterns for others' projects that you admire. FREE Block of the Month class at Craftsy.com I'm sharing this link because this is one of the Craftsy classes I am enrolled in and I am having so much fun and learning a lot. I've rediscovered my love for quilting and the best thing is - this class is FREE. All the videos and course materials are available indefinitely, so you can go back and review/reuse as often as you like. So check Craftsy out. I'm glad I did. I live in rural Alberta, so my access to live classes is limited. Craftsy has given me the opportunity to take classes that I otherwise wouldn't be able to attend. I will be posting some of my projects as I go along.

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