Wednesday 8 October 2014

Acrylic Painting Class #4

Finally! I have been able to produce a painting in class that I am reasonably pleased with:
It was a lesson in perspective. And no, it's not perfect, but it is just a lesson. And it actually looks like something. And I think the difference was that she allowed us to use a pencil to sketch it in beforehand. Honestly, who made the rule that you're not allowed to sketch the picture before you paint it? If it makes your painting better, why not? 
Anyway, remember last week's post, when I told about the instructor trying to teach us how to draw cubes using vantage points? Well, we all had to do that first in this class and we all ended up with envelopes. With a strange-looking cube in the middle. I decided this was one painting I was not taking home. My cube looked like Salvador Dali had painted it. I didn't want that stupid thing in my house. However, when I think about how much a Salvador Dali painting is worth, maybe I should have kept it. LOL!
Each week, I debate about whether or not I should go to class. And so far I keep deciding to go back. We'll see what happens next week. Meanwhile, I need to go get my stuff together for tomorrow night's Machine Quilting class.

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