Monday 4 July 2022

The Study of Geometry Crocheted Afghan


I really, really, really did not need to take on another project. With knitting, crocheting, quilting and miscellaneous other crafts, I have so many WIPs and UFOs that I haven't even attempted to count them. I had made some progress by completing a couple of years-old UFOs and wanted to continue that progress. But instead I added a couple of new ones last summer, this one - The Study of Geometry, and the moss stitch variegated afghan

I think I started the moss stitch one because it was a good use for variegated yarn. I love variegated yarn, but it doesn't work well in a lot of patterns. The varying colours often mask the stitch patterns and the beauty of the stitching is lost. But this one is such a basic stitch that the colours are allowed to shine. 

Progress as of last August
It's going to be a pretty attracitve afghan when it ever gets done. But I find the moss stitch quite boring, though I did opt to do the waves version. I think the monotony would have nearly killed me if I was just doing straight rows. I really don't understand the people who say that they love the moss stitch...

As far as The Study of Geometry is concerned, I couldn't resist. It has so much visual and textural interest, which is what I like in a project. When it got to the border, however, I decided to switch it up. It was supposed to be 4 rounds of single crochet, one round of V-stitch and one more round of single crochet. I do NOT like doing round upon round of single crochet. So I opted to take some of the textural stitches from the main body of the afghan and use them in the border as well. 

I only ended up doing one round of single crochet at the beginning of the border and one round at the end. That's much more aesthetically pleasing to me. Finished, it measures approximately 58" across and 70" point to point. Another work in progress completed!

I have now moved the Knit and Crochet Aghan to the head of the cue. This is from the Red Heart book, "It's Great to Give". I don't know when I started this afghan, but it's supposed to be for my daughter, and it would be great if I could finish it for her birthday, 2 months away. It features 8 different sampler blocks - 4 knit and 4 crochet. So, it's quite an unusual and interesting project. 

Meanwhile, in the quilting world, I decided to try my hand at Welsh quilting. 

It's much more intense quilting than I normally do, but I'm enjoying it. And it gives me a chance to use the quilting rulers that don't see much use since I'm usually quilting with pantographs. 

Now, I'd better close as I need to get my laundry off the clothesline before the next rainstorm comes. 

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