Sunday 19 June 2022

Bake Someone Happy

Back when BluPrint was having its closing out sale, I bought as much fabric as I could afford (I wish I could have afforded more because they were really good prices and I especially liked their Boundless Botanical). Because I use them in my Quick and Easy Baby Quilts, I bought several layer cakes, plus coordinating fabric for backing when it was available. One of the layer cakes I purchased was the Lily and Loom Stir Crazy line. It features baking-themed fabric, plus other coordinates. 

I also purchased 2 - 3-yard cuts of the light aqua baking equipment and supplies print, since I can make 2 baby quilts from one layer cake (plus background fabric) and each baby quilt requires approximately 3 yards for backing. 

But... while it is a fun fabric line, is baking-themed fabric the most appropriate for baby quilts? No matter. It sat in my stash for the few intervening years. And currently, I am ahead of the game where baby quilts are concerned. Work Zone, Blast Off, Plum Perfect, Baby Alter Ego II, Leah's Ladder and Heat Wave are all waiting for the next baby to arrive. And I don't think I know anyone who is currently pregnant that I will be giving a quilt to. Since quilts are expensive and time-consuming, I only give one per family, unless it's my family, where everyone will eventually get one. But it was my goal to create a stash of baby quilts so I had some readily available should the need arise. 

So, when I was looking through my Craftsy courses, and saw the Tumbler quilt in the Quilting Quickly II course, and realized that I had the MSQC tumbler template, I thought this would make a great project for a quilt for my dining room table. And I decided to do it now because it was one of those quick and easy projects that are just for fun when I need a break from the more intense quilting projects. Except that I did make it a little more complex because I decided to use the trimmings to make an extra border. I hate wasting fabric and so, aside from removing about 2" from the sharpest points of these trimmings, I ended up with a zero waste quilt. 

Because it was a baking-themed layer cake, I chose the Sweetness pantograph to use for the quilting. 

What fun quilting cupcakes! I used this Aurilux thread from my stash as I felt it had the perfect blend of colours for this quilt. 
(It actually has more aqua than the picture shows). 
I managed to squeeze enough fabric out of the 2 - 3-yard cuts for the 2 borders, backing and binding. Here it is on my table. 

In coming up with a name for this quilt, initially I was going to just call it Stir Crazy after the fabric line. But I really didn't like that name, so I started tossing around ideas connected with baking. And then the old Betty Crocker slogan came to mind (I still have the tune running through my head...) and I liked it. So that's how it became Bake Someone Happy. 

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