Monday 2 May 2016

Clutter Free: A Book Review

I received a free digital preview edition of this book from Net Galley to review it. I am not receiving any compensation for this review.
What can I say? As the daughter of a hoarder (my father) and the granddaughter of a hoarder (my paternal grandmother), hoarding is in my blood. As the daughter of parents who went through the great depression and the second World War, I learned that "it might come in handy someday." So, yes, I have my share (more than my share) of clutter. And honestly, as part of that clutter, I have several books on being organized and conquering clutter. So far, it hasn't happened. You have to both read them and apply them. I have done a little of both, but obviously not enough. So once again, I got a book on conquering clutter. Only, at least this time, it isn't adding to my clutter since it's on my Kindle. No matter how many books I put on my Kindle, it doesn't get any bigger. Maybe that's a start to being clutter free. 
I honestly love this book. It was written by one of us - people with clutter, not some superior form of human life who never so much as left the day's mail on the kitchen table. And it's real and it's practical. And it also gives some of the psychology behind why we clutter. And it's very readable. I actually enjoyed reading it. 
Now, I just have to apply it. 

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