Monday 25 April 2016

Damian's Star

As I work on different crocheted projects, once I finish a round or a row, I will often spread them out on the floor to assess my progress, and sometimes snap a picture.
If my grandson is anywhere around when I do this, he will inevitably come to sit or lay on the project, sometimes counting motifs, rows or colours or whatever his imagination comes up with (you can see part of his legs and arms in the top right of the above picture). If I get out my metre stick or measuring tape, he likes to help me measure. With my temperature change afghan, he will designate each round or colour as a different animal. Eventually, I decided, even though I had already made him two afghans, that he needed a floor afghan, one that was specifically for spreading out on the floor, to lay on, to measure, to count or whatever he wanted it for. I decided on cotton yarn (Bernat Handicrafter) for practicality and was planning on doing it in a practical colour, but I allowed him to choose the yarn. He chose Moondance, which has a fair amount of white, so not the most practical, but it was his choice. I chose Frank O'Randle's Mini Galaxy of Change for the pattern.

Honestly, I've done so much crocheting over the last year, with my sewing room in limbo, so I couldn't quilt, that I'm quite tired of crocheting. That and the fact that I now have nerve problems in both wrists (carpal tunnel syndrome plus involvement of the ulnar nerve as well) have left me with little motivation to crochet. So it took me two months to finish Damian's Star. And I'm glad I finished it. I honestly got bored with it. I'm working on more quilting projects now. 
Hee's the finished project:
It ended up being about 50 inches across - a good size for a 3-1/2 year old. Here's a close up of some of the stitching: 
And, in case you're interested, here are the other afghans I made for Damian.
This is the rainbow afghan I made for him when he was a baby. I made this same pattern for my daughter when she was a baby, only using white with pastels.
This is the Choo-Choo Train afghan I finished more recently. In addition, I made him this hooded cardian when he was smaller.
And this knitted cardigan is a WIP (hopefully, I'll finish it before he outgrows it). 
 I made this John Deere quilt for his first birthday. This is actually a quillow.
And I have the fabric to make him a dinosaur quilt for his bed. 
I'm a rather indulgent grandmother, aren't I?

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