Saturday 22 March 2014

Show & Tell: Lucky Clover Block

I'm of Irish descent on my father's side and as such, I have an affinity for all things Irish. (Well, almost all things - as an abstainer, I have no affinity for their hard-drinking ways). So when I found McCall's Ireland Quilt Block of the Month, I knew it had to be in my future. After my rather unpleasant experience with the Lighthouse Tower block, I decided to take a total break from the Bluenose II Pixel quilt and do one of the blocks from the Irish quilt. 
This is the Lucky Clover blockOn my monitor, the background fabric looks rather yellowish, but it is a light green. I have to admit it's a fairly easy block that works up quite quickly, but there's also a fair amount of fabric wastage. I'll see if I can work any of it into the remaining blocks. If not, maybe some crazy quilt potholders?
Anyway, I felt like I accomplished something and it turned out well. Otherwise, one of the most creative things I did this past week was give my grandson his first haircut. And I saved most of the hair so that my daughter can preserve it in her mementos. 
I'm writing this on Saturday night as on Sunday I'm planning on being at an APQS roadshow. I'll let you know how that goes if I make it. Tonight I am feeling really congested, sinus headache, tickle in my throat. Sophia and Damian are supposed to go as well, but Damian's still fighting something like I've got, so don't know if Sophia will want to take him out or not. He at least was not feverish today and ate reasonably well.
And in honour of my Irish heritage:
This song really stirs my Irish soul. Very sad to learn of the death of George Donaldson, one of the singers in Celtic Thunder (the bald one). 
It's your turn to show and tell about your week's creative endeavours.
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Guidelines for Show & Tell

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  6. Have fun. This is a party after all.

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