Sunday 1 December 2013

Show & Tell - QAYG Potholder

I finished the quilt top for Sophia's quilt. I still have to cut the batting and trim the backing and then it will be ready to longarm it when I have the opportunity to get to Sparrow Studioz. Next I decided to work on a quick project so that I can actually feel like I've gotten something accomplished. I was in the city on Friday and picked up some Christmas fabric and some Insul Bright so that I can make some hot potholders. Here's the first one:
I wanted a scrappy look and that's what I got, with no fabric repeated. I already had this centre fabric with nice little square pictures that are perfect for the starting square. I more or less followed the instructions found here: Make an Easy Potholder. It's pretty straightforward. Here's the back:
I actually used a glitter thread in the bobbin, but you can't really tell from this picture. I stitched the binding down with a snowflake design. 
I found out my nephew Jason and his wife are hoping to adopt a baby girl. They will find out for sure on Tuesday. I'd better get to work on this quilt as it's for their new baby:
Now it's your turn to share. Here's my button:

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